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Pecan Cupcakes for Guests of The Estate | The Estate

Planning a Tantalizing Fall Holiday Trip

The ideal time to gather the clan is upon us. Just before the temperatures take a nosedive and holiday commitments take over our lives is the best time to hold a get-together. To ensure that everyone has a great time, including you as the planner, allow us to be the venue of choice for this enchanting season. As one of the leading event spaces in Atlanta, our guests are guaranteed impeccable service in luxurious accommodations. The Estate comes replete with authentic architectural details and charm of the genteel South of a bygone era. Keep in mind the simple tips below for hosting a clan reunion and show up on our doorstep ready to have a great time with those you hold most dear. Continue reading

Fall Cocktail Favorites

The nights are getting longer, the aroma of wood burning in fireplaces fills the air and apple trees are laden with fruit just waiting to be plucked — fall is finally here! At The Estate, we love this season of harvest. Our grounds are at their finest and visitors can clearly see why we are one of the prime private event spaces in Atlanta. To take the edge off the chill in the air, concoct one or more of these perfect seasonal cocktails below. Continue reading

Food Trends This Summer

In our many years as a successful Atlanta caterer, we have seen many food trends come and go. Thankfully, some trends did not last long while others are hopefully here to stay. Just like in other world-class cities, catering in Atlanta means staying abreast of the various food trends that continually show up on the culinary radar screen. Below are a few food trends that have found their way into foodie hearts all over the country this year. Which one of them would you like to try? Which one do you think will last?

Locally Sourced Ingredients

There was time when only professional chefs and well-informed food lovers would insist on farm-fresh produce and meats. Now even the average food shopper prefers to eat food that has not crossed an ocean or a continent to get to their plate. Not only do they taste better and cost less, locally sourced ingredients also have a much smaller carbon footprint. This is a victory not only for health-conscious, environmentally aware consumers but for Mother Nature as well.

As innovative and resourceful caterers in Atlanta, we fully support our local farms. Our clients have our assurance that we use only the finest and freshest ingredients in all our dishes.

Healthy Kids’ Meals

Childhood obesity is on the rise in America and parents are not taking it sitting down any longer. They are pushing their kids into sports, playgrounds and a variety of active extracurricular activities in an effort to address this serious health threat. They are also insisting on children’s menus with healthier options in restaurants.

We constantly adjust our Atlanta catering menu to reflect food trends that benefit our clients. Providing healthy food options for children is one food trend that we hope will become a mainstay in modern American cuisine.


Because they are eating more fruits and vegetables that are not only organic but also locally grown and sold, Americans are discovering just how delicious really fresh produce can be. An ever-increasing number of restaurants all over the country now carry at least one vegetarian dish on their menu. This culinary offshoot of the commune dwellers from the turbulent ’60s has indeed come of age.

Fruits and vegetables have always been a notable part of our catering menu. Their vibrant eye-popping colors and unique flavors brighten up a dish like few other ingredients can.

Enjoy the best that Atlanta catering has to offer. Call A Legendary Event and let us make your dream event come true.