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4 Wedding Etiquette Rules You Don’t Have to Follow

Collage of Wedding Event Images | The EstateFor many engaged couples, planning a wedding often means meeting a host of expectations from friends and family and following a long line of matrimonial traditions. Weddings are one of the few remaining conventional customs that still follow a fairly consistent, structured course of events, and it is easy to feel pressure to maintain the tradition and structure of the ceremony.

But if you are a more progressive, modern couple, you might want to steer away from the dozens of etiquette rules in favor of a more personalized celebration. Whether you choose an unconventional Atlanta wedding venue or forego the iconic white gown, knowing which etiquette rules are going out of style will help in knowing where to bend and where to break.

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Why You Should Choose The Estate in Buckhead for Your Fairy Tale Wedding Venue

From Disney films to the Windsor family, royalty has defined the standard of weddings for years. With sparkling jewels, horse-drawn carriages and stately castles, many a child grew up daydreaming of a similar experience for a future, very special day. Fairy Tale Wedding | The Estate

As you grew up, you learned that a fairy godmother or a queenly grandmother might not be a possibility, but you still knew that you’d get your fairy-tale wedding. Now that the day is finally approaching, there is an Atlanta wedding venue that can make you feel like the nobility you truly are – The Estate.

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3 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas for Buckhead Brides

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas for Buckhead Brides | The EstateWhen planning your once-in-a-lifetime wedding, you’ll likely spend some time organizing an equally memorable reception. If you’ve been to a wedding this year already, you may have experienced the popular Great Gatsby themes, purple mood lighting or other familiar scenarios of weddings past. A blushing bride (and her handsome groom) deserve to have their own special theme, and rightfully so.

Read on for three unique wedding reception ideas for Buckhead brides that will make your special day one of the best your guests have attended.
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The Top 4 Wedding Trends for Spring 2015

Though it might feel like this winter is going to last forever, spring will soon bloom and bring with it wedding season. April and May brides are in the full throes of planning, making the crucial decisions on how one of the biggest days of their lives will look and feel.Spring Wedding | The Estate

But while some decisions might already be set, these brides can easily still be inspired by the release of the spring wedding trends. But, never fear – there is still plenty of time to incorporate some of the hottest looks for 2015 spring weddings.

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Pour Me Another: How to Hire a Bartender for Your Event

Bartender | Wedding Bartender | The EstateA bartender, while often serving as a confidante and friend in the predictable setting of your local watering hole, can be a tricky staff member to hire for an event. Some are included in the staff vetted by your carefully chosen wedding catering company, but others are hired separately, leaving you to research who is best.

The best way to ensure you are getting the best is to be prepared, which means doing your homework. So, before you begin the interview process, make sure you know the answer to a few basic questions.

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Dessert Ideas for Winter Weddings | The Estate

Winter Wedding Menu Must-Haves

Weddings are one of the most memorable times in a person’s life. Which is why they should be one-of-a-kind.

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Winter Wonderland Wedding Themes | The Estate

4 Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding Themes

As a premium private event space in Atlanta, The Estate is a popular wedding venue in Georgia. As a recipient of the BizBash award for our ‘Winter Wonderland Wedding’, we aspire to make every occasion spectacular.  With several spacious, well-appointed rooms, extensive well-maintained grounds and a seasoned staff, you and your guests are assured of an unforgettable and luxurious experience. Let us help you get started on your winter wedding plans with the suggestions below. Continue reading

Trendy Autumn Engagement Photo Session Basics

Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you’re ready for your engagement photo shoot, allow us to give you a few practical suggestions to help make your time in front of the camera with your beloved a fun and delightful one. In our many years of being a wedding venue in Atlanta, we’ve amassed quite a trove of information about weddings. When it comes to your engagement photo session, the practical guide below should get you started on the right foot. Continue reading