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What to Look for When Choosing a Catering Service for Your Event

If you have ever been in charge of planning a special event, you know the tremendous amount of work involved to make your event a successful one. You also know that the catering company you choose is pivotal to the success of your event and the enjoyment of your guests. As one of the most exclusive private event spaces in Atlanta today, we’d like to share with you a few pointers to keep in mind as you choose a catering service.

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Creating a Vintage Aesthetic at Your Southern Wedding Venue

To celebrate romance and a return to tradition, some modern couples choose to infuse a vintage flavor to their nuptials. If you’re exploring this avenue as well, below are a few ideas to get you off to a good start.


Nothing quite captures and recreates the aura of a bygone age like holding your wedding ceremony on a southern plantation. The Estate is an authentic antebellum mansion rebuilt brick by brick in its present location. Although outfitted with modern amenities, it retains its old-world charm and genuine southern appeal. It is a much sought-after wedding venue in Atlanta and the perfect setting for a vintage-inspired wedding. Continue reading

5 Stunning Floral Arrangements Featuring Pink Flowers

With a language and singular beauty of their own, flowers have the power to transform any event from simple to simply stunning. There is never a shortage of flowers from which to choose no matter what type of event you are planning. From a low-key but elegant wedding reception to full-blown corporate events, flowers play a significant role not only for the beauty they add to any occasion, but for the emotions they evoke so powerfully in any beholder.

The Symbolism of Pink Flowers
In the flower kingdom, pink speaks of innocence and daintiness; a certain playfulness that is beguiling and never vulgar or cheap. Little wonder then that this popular wedding color is considered by many brides to be one of the most romantic hues and is often incorporated into bouquets and reception flowers alike.

Pink Dahlias
This star-shaped blossom traditionally symbolizes hope for an eternal union between newlyweds. To evoke eternal devotion and dedication, accent a bridal bouquet with an elegant array of double-flowering pink dahlias.

Romance in Pink
Create a cascade of pink and white flowers to imbue an unmistakable air of good old-fashioned romance to your wedding. Combine delicate blooms with hardy perennials to fashion a bouquet that harkens back to a long-ago era when men and women used the language of flowers to speak of love.

Flirty in Pink
Add an element of liveliness and flirtatiousness to the occasion by pairing pink flowers with earthy peach blossoms. At once delicate and playful, this bouquet will keep both guests and groom guessing as to the mood and disposition of the bride throughout the ceremony and beyond.

The Beauty of the Pink Rose
The pink rose symbolizes joy and admiration, emotions that abound in any wedding. Exude a lightness of heart and being with bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets made with pink English roses and hydrangeas, flowers that signify enduring beauty and grace.

Bridesmaids’ Bouquets in Pink
Pink is a color that complements a wide range of other colors. Bridesmaids’ bouquets that come with a predominant array of pink flowers will look good against any bridesmaids’ gown.

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