What to Look for When Choosing a Catering Service for Your Event

If you have ever been in charge of planning a special event, you know the tremendous amount of work involved to make your event a successful one. You also know that the catering company you choose is pivotal to the success of your event and the enjoyment of your guests. As one of the most exclusive private event spaces in Atlanta today, we’d like to share with you a few pointers to keep in mind as you choose a catering service.

Quality of Food and Presentation

This may sound simple, but the catering company you hire should concoct dishes that are not only pleasing to the palate but to the eyes as well. There will surely be plenty of pictures taken at your event. Having tables full of eye-catching, mouth-watering dishes will surely add to the excitement of your guests and, after the first bite, to their enjoyment as well.

Menu Selection

The catering company you want for a truly memorable event should present you with an extensive list of dishes, drinks and desserts. While it is always good to find someone who specializes in one kind of cuisine (especially if it is what you are looking for), you may want to consider a caterer who has experience cooking dishes from different culinary traditions. Such a caterer would be more amenable and capable of creating a special menu for your event, should you want one.

Make sure they can accommodate any dietary restrictions that your guests may have. If you’re expecting children at your event, let them know and ask to see their children’s selection.

Service Staff

Be sure the catering service you sign up with employs an experienced and knowledgeable wait staff. If your event requires the services of a bartender, ask if they can provide this as well. If you’re planning an event for a large number of people, make sure the catering company you are considering has the experience to handle not only the food for the event but also the logistics as well. There is an amazing amount of work that goes on in the kitchen when catering a major event. Make sure your catering company is up to the task.

There is no shortage of companies offering catering services in Atlanta, so don’t feel pressured to commit yourself unless you have complete confidence in their abilities.

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