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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

A major consideration in your wedding plans is where to hold the ceremony and reception. This could be two separate locations, or it could be the same place. There are several wedding venues Atlanta, and it can be difficult to decide on the right one for you. It may help to answer the questions below to make sure you choose a venue that is in perfect synch with the wedding you have in mind.

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Tips for Setting the Table

In a wedding reception, the table setting is a major design element that can, when done well, induce jaw-dropping, eye-popping reactions from your guests — all in a good way, of course. Below are three suggestions to make sure your table setting not only complements and enhances the decor of your wedding venue but also lets your guests have a truly wonderful time!

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Distinctive Centerpieces for Your Summer Wedding

As one of the foremost luxury wedding venues in Atlanta, we have a unique insight and understanding of the elements that are needed for a successful and memorable event. One of these elements is table decor. Your table setting plays an important role in completing and complementing the overall design of your wedding reception and adding to the enjoyment of your guests.

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Summer Event Design Ideas Inspired by The Great Gatsby

America during the time of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous novel was a country grappling with the aftermath of World War I, escalating gang violence and Prohibition. Against this dark background, the fictional and mysterious Jay Gatsby lives a life defined by lavish parties, wild music and free-flowing alcohol. Aside from Fitzgerald’s considerable story-telling prowess, the story succeeds because it captured the indomitable nature of the human spirit and intoxicating power of love.

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Seasonal Wedding Colors

At The Estate, one of the leading event venues in Atlanta, we host elegant weddings year-round so we see how wedding colors can be used to make the most of any season. Here are some tips for themes that help celebrate the season as you celebrate your special day.

Winter (December, January, February)

When it’s cold and snowy outside, why not choose a color scheme that is warm and inviting? Deep reds, blues, greens or purples are popular winter wedding colors. Metallic accents also add a festive, elegant touch to whatever colors you choose. Continue reading

Popular Flower Selections by Season

As one of the premier event venues in Atlanta, we at The Estate know the importance of choosing the right flowers. Whether you decide to make us the site for your wedding, or you are planning to have one of your social or corporate events in Atlanta’s most beautiful Buckhead estate, we can help you choose flowers that add just the right touch.

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