The Impact of a Pergula on Your Event Design

The weather is finally beckoning sun worshippers and winter-weary residents to venture outside sans scarves, jackets and heavy boots. As a result, more and more events are being held outdoors with people comfortably clad in shorts, cotton tees and strappy sandals.

At your next outdoor summer event, consider adding a pergola as you sit down with your event planners. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event or a large family gathering, pergolas can complete and complement a wide variety of event design and decor.

Create the Ambiance You Desire

Pergolas can be dressed up to appear romantic, whimsical or downright awe-inspiring. They can also be kept simple to invoke nostalgia or as part of a return-to-basics theme. Pergolas are a potent design element to infuse your event with the right ambiance you want to achieve. They fit right in whether you’re planning a formal or informal gathering. It can be the focal point of the occasion (think of a couple exchanging their wedding vows under a pergola bedecked in flowers) or simply provide a fitting background for your celebration. A creative event planner can easily weave a pergola into the event decor to achieve a unique and distinct look.

Provide Shelter for Your Guests

Pergolas are an effective and attractive way to give your guests temporary shelter from the glare and heat of the summer sun. Outdoor events can be tricky; the wind can suddenly pick up or the sun can turn unbearably hot without warning. Under a shady pergola, your guests can enjoy a brief respite from a fickle weather.

Pergolas Are Picture-perfect

A well-placed and tastefully decorated pergola can serve as the perfect background for the pictures and selfies that you know your guests will take during the event. Keep your guests happy and clicking away! It adds to their enjoyment of your event.

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