Why You Should Choose The Estate in Buckhead for Your Fairy Tale Wedding Venue

From Disney films to the Windsor family, royalty has defined the standard of weddings for years. With sparkling jewels, horse-drawn carriages and stately castles, many a child grew up daydreaming of a similar experience for a future, very special day. Fairy Tale Wedding | The Estate

As you grew up, you learned that a fairy godmother or a queenly grandmother might not be a possibility, but you still knew that you’d get your fairy-tale wedding. Now that the day is finally approaching, there is an Atlanta wedding venue that can make you feel like the nobility you truly are – The Estate.

While it might not have a moat or a dragon, this classic Southern mansion is the palace you and your true love have been searching for. Originally built in 1797 in Wilkes County, GA, this beautiful piece of history yearned for a new home, so it was lovingly rebuilt brick for brick in the bustling neighborhood of Buckhead, where it reopened in 2012.

Not only is this new location easy to access for your royal family and friends, it is also located near many luxury hotels. Your out-of-town guests will appreciate staying in accommodations fit for kings and queens who desire a quick and convenient commute.

This move also brought with it breathtaking updates to the interiors as well as the lush grounds. These beautiful indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces are designed to meet any of your regal needs, be it an intimate rehearsal dinner in the wine cellars or a dramatic reception in the spacious ballroom.

The multiple areas also give you the grand space you need to fulfill every wedding fantasy you have. Two salons welcome your guests with decor designed by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, fully-equipped rooms upstairs give the wedded couple and bridal party space to primp and the welcoming grounds are a lush backdrop for an outdoor ceremony or pictures.

Your Legendary Experience at Atlanta’s Enchanting Wedding Venue

The beautiful location is not the only draw for this magical venue. The Estate has an exclusive relationship with the top wedding vendor in Atlanta, Legendary Events, which will make you feel as though a magic spell has been cast to make all of your wishes have come true.

This partnership with Legendary Events means you’ll have only the best for your dream wedding. You’ll serve award-winning cuisine that is not only mouth-watering, but customizable to your taste.

You’ll laugh, talk and dance in beautifully decorated rooms that sparkle with your chosen colors and theme, conceived by award-winning event designers. These decorative accents will be the perfect complement to the incredible floral creations that will take your breath away, be it a bouquet or a centerpiece.

But the most magical part of this wedding venue is the staff. These experts will place your wedded fantasies above all else and help you create the perfect version of this important day – the true fairy tale that you’ve dreamed of your whole life and that you deserve.

For information on how to plan your fairy tale wedding at The Estate in Buckhead, Contact us today at 404-869-8858.