Modern Twists on Traditional Wedding Themes

Weddings are momentous events that are fun, poignant and inspiring – sometimes all at the same time. Laden with tradition, they usually evoke memories of weddings past for many guests and move single guests to dream of their own weddings someday.

As comforting as it can be for weddings to be steeped in tradition, it’s not difficult to take the same traditions and give them a little twist to turn them into something truly personal and deeply meaningful. Below are three ideas to consider that turn traditions on their heads without losing sight of the important role they play during weddings.

The Invitation

There is no shortage of wedding invitations from which to choose these days. Rather than printing your invitations on paper, why not consider a different type of surface to make your invitation truly unique and memorable? Printing technology allows precise printing and delicate design to be done on fabric or vellum these days. Using innovative materials not only makes your wedding invitation stand out, but it also makes your guests feel special from the moment they hear of your special day.

The Wedding Cake

The multi-tiered and intricately decorated wedding cake is a common sight at wedding receptions. Indeed, the wedding cake is usually the centerpiece of many catering presentations. To create a new twist on this tradition, talk to your caterer about giving your guests a tempting array of all-white pastry concoctions for a truly irresistible dessert buffet. Be sure to offer a wide variety of pastries so your guests can pick and choose and come up with their own personal dessert plate.

The Guest Book

Instead of having your guests write a message for you and your new spouse on a typical guest book, why not give them the opportunity to leave a video message? Convert a corner of the event space into a digital booth with a camera manned by a techie friend or family member. As your guests are ready, have them step in front of the camera and deliver their message, bits of wisdom or most fond memories. This way you end up not only with a fun or inspiring written note but also a video of your guests delivering their personal message to you on your wedding day.

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