Tips for Setting the Table

In a wedding reception, the table setting is a major design element that can, when done well, induce jaw-dropping, eye-popping reactions from your guests — all in a good way, of course. Below are three suggestions to make sure your table setting not only complements and enhances the decor of your wedding venue but also lets your guests have a truly wonderful time!


Provide Ample Room at Each Table

It’s hard to enjoy a meal seated around a crowded table. Make sure you maintain enough room between guests so they can cut their food without their elbows rubbing against each other. Providing ample room also ensures the comfort and safety of your guests.

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The Art of Linen

One of the easiest ways to alter the decor of any venue is to use a different table cloth. A sea of tables all decked in classic white linen is elegance embodied while a variety of bright colors gives a room an instant burst of energy and an air of excitement. The right tablecloth completes the decor of your reception venue and help increase the enjoyment of your guests.

The Role of the Centerpiece

Not only does a well-chosen centerpiece enhance a table setting’s impact, but it also serves as a conversation starter, especially when the people seated at the table do not know each other well. Make sure your centerpieces match or complement the overall design of the table and venue. Flower arrangements are a popular choice for centerpieces, but this is not a hard and fast rule. An imaginative event planner can use or add other items to make a unique centerpiece that’s guaranteed to be a conversation piece as well.

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