Summer Event Design Ideas Inspired by The Great Gatsby

America during the time of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous novel was a country grappling with the aftermath of World War I, escalating gang violence and Prohibition. Against this dark background, the fictional and mysterious Jay Gatsby lives a life defined by lavish parties, wild music and free-flowing alcohol. Aside from Fitzgerald’s considerable story-telling prowess, the story succeeds because it captured the indomitable nature of the human spirit and intoxicating power of love.

Infusing a Great Gatsby theme to your event is easy because the era is characterized by glitzy outfits and distinct style. From dangling pearl strands, high-heeled dancing shoes, luxurious tuxedos and flouncing dresses, you won’t run out of ideas to recreate this fun and singular look for your celebration.

The Gatsby Woman

If you want to capture Daisy Buchanan’s glamorous look, a gold-gilded or sequined clutch, elbow-length gloves, dazzling diamond earrings and a feather or two should succeed quite well. If you want to recreate the look for your wedding, a bridal gown with a low waist, form-fitting bodice and ruffled lower portion will readily bring to mind the romantic allure of Gatsby’s time. You can dispense with the veil in keeping with the free-spirited and emerging feminist mindset at that time.

Drop-waisted shift dresses were all the rage in the era of The Great Gatsby. You can give this simple cut a modern twist or retain its traditional silhouette for a genuine Gatsby feel. It was quite fashionable for women to wear headbands made from the same material as their shift dresses. You can replicate this look or take it up a notch by turning a bracelet into a hair accessory with ribbons that match the color of the dress. Don’t forget to include pearls as they were a staple accessory for Gatsby women.

A Gatsby Setting

The Estate is the perfect setting for a Gatsby-inspired celebration. It evokes the grandeur of Jay Gatsby’s West Egg mansion, which was the location of many of the novel’s most memorable scenes. As a premium private event space in Atlanta, it offers you and your guests luxurious accommodations, well-defined spaces and perfectly landscaped grounds.

The Estate is also an ideal corporate event venue. Impress your clients and colleagues by letting us host your next company celebration. No matter which theme you choose for your event, we guarantee that you and your guests will enjoy your time at The Estate.