3 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas for Buckhead Brides

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas for Buckhead Brides | The EstateWhen planning your once-in-a-lifetime wedding, you’ll likely spend some time organizing an equally memorable reception. If you’ve been to a wedding this year already, you may have experienced the popular Great Gatsby themes, purple mood lighting or other familiar scenarios of weddings past. A blushing bride (and her handsome groom) deserve to have their own special theme, and rightfully so.

Read on for three unique wedding reception ideas for Buckhead brides that will make your special day one of the best your guests have attended.

Consider the Season

For Summer brides, your reception has the most possibilities for a unique experience. Toast to marriage and everlasting love underneath the stars to make it extra special. Nighttime receptions with special effects always bring an added element of drama.

Are you feeling inspired by Hollywood? A search light to your venue will guide guests into your location and kick off a red carpet ready soiree with event photographers and guests waiting to greet the new couple. Consider walking down a red carpet adorned with your new initials and replace the photobooth with red carpet shots of your guests. Offer gift bags as takeaways and use trophy-like centerpieces to mimic an exclusive awards gala.

For Fall brides, go rustic with a Western-themed reception featuring Mason jars and warm apple cider with donuts. Set out neat rows of haystacks for photo moments and use vintage chalkboard signage to direct guests around your event location. The options are only as limited as your love for the seasons.

Make Visual Memories

Upgrade the way you capture your guests’ moments with a video booth. Instead of taking pictures inside of the customary selfie machine, think about utilizing a video booth that enables guests to leave thoughtful messages of long-lasting love, or potentially love-drunk sentiments of what fun your event provided. Either way, a video booth is a surefire way to record precious moments from all of your guests.

Keep Guests Engaged

While guests are waiting for your grand arrival, skip the live jazz and bring on a family-friendly comedian to keep the sentiments light and jovial. Guide your patrons to your unique cocktail bar where there will be seasonal craft favorites being served as they wait. Take into account the temperament and open-mindedness of your guests to add a creative flair to your special night.

Planning your wedding reception should be fun and result in a moment you will be proud of for years to come. If you’re planning a wedding soon and would like to have more ideas about how to make your occasion distinctive, contact The Estate today by calling (404) 869-8858.