Planning Your Summer Menu in Atlanta

Planning Your Summer Menu in Atlanta | EstateTis’ the season for sunshine-infused day parties by the pool, warm evening gatherings under the stars and all other summer-esque social parties. For any type of event you’re working to organize, planning your summer menu in Atlanta is a priority. Well-thought out food selections set the theme and setting for your party.

Let’s explore more on how to keep your guests full and stay on theme.

Summer Party Menu Essentials

Keep It Light

No matter what the occasion, eating heavily in warm temperatures is not ideal. Trade in heavier meats and cuts from your summer wedding reception menu for lighter fish, seafood and vegetable offerings. Instead of mashed potatoes which tend to make you feel sluggish, consider rice or pasta for a starch.

Maintain both beverage and water stations to prevent dehydration if your event is outside. For indoor functions, fruity punches and even a cool, effervescent green tea can be a refuge for parched, thirsty palates.

Experiment with Flavors

Summertime brings to ripeness a plethora of fruit and flower plants whose taste can add a signature flair to a year-round favorite. Inject your normal sweet tea with the fresh, crisp flavor of peach. Have a peach themed menu with peach-mango salsa for hors d’oeuvres with green spinach salad just for starters. Basil, mint and parsley are the summer’s go-to trio for a taste as refreshing as a dip in the pool.

Hit The Grill

Just because your event is at The Estate, doesn’t mean you have to skip the BBQ joy. Feel like you’re on Mom & Dad’s backyard with a BBQ themed menu for your next reception, baby shower, engagement party or birthday celebration. Consider juicy grilled lamb, thinly sliced pork loin, succulent beef brisket as protein options for your guests.

Serving vegetarians? Grilled eggplant with roasted red and green peppers, crispy artichokes and sweet Georgia corn-on-the-cob will appease any tastebuds. Don’t forget the peach sweet tea! Capture the feel and the taste of summer’s most cherished event with a backyard themed menu.

Don’t forget dessert!

What summer function is complete without the finale of a delicious slice of apple pie? For fruit lovers everywhere, summer is the best time for the most succulent pies and tarts. Sweeten up yourPlanning Your Summer Menu in Atlanta | Estate guests with concord grape pie, a delicate almond-apricot tart or even an irresistible banana pudding.

The options are endless for your summer event! Planning your menu is just the start for the fun that is to come with your special celebration. Have questions about what to serve at your party? Contact the team at The Estate for a consultation at 404.869.8858 or contact us immediately.