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Creative Wedding Favors with Southern Charm

If you’re looking for wedding favors with a decidedly unique bent but still oozing with southern character, read on to get a few ideas.

A Jar Full of Goodies

Mason jars are part of southern life. Fill them up with sweet or savory treats with a southern flavor and let your guests pick the treat they wish to take home with them. Make sure you put your wedding date somewhere on the jar so they will always remember the good time they had at your wedding. Continue reading

Creating a Vintage Aesthetic at Your Southern Wedding Venue

To celebrate romance and a return to tradition, some modern couples choose to infuse a vintage flavor to their nuptials. If you’re exploring this avenue as well, below are a few ideas to get you off to a good start.


Nothing quite captures and recreates the aura of a bygone age like holding your wedding ceremony on a southern plantation. The Estate is an authentic antebellum mansion rebuilt brick by brick in its present location. Although outfitted with modern amenities, it retains its old-world charm and genuine southern appeal. It is a much sought-after wedding venue in Atlanta and the perfect setting for a vintage-inspired wedding. Continue reading

Outdoor Wedding Venues of the South

If you’re planning a southern wedding, you’re in luck. This part of the country boasts of a number of breath-taking estate rentals that provide a picture-perfect background for your summer wedding.

South Carolina

The Palmetto State has a number of State Parks where you can have an outdoor wedding amidst stately 100-year old trees and flowering gardens. Hold your ceremony at the end of a trellised lane with the air lightly scented by the nectar of blooming flowers. Continue reading

Decor for Wedding Ceremonies

As a trusted wedding caterer in Atlanta with many years of experience under our apron strings, we know that the right wedding decor can add so much to the success of the celebration and the enjoyment of the couple and their guests. No doubt you will be receiving different advice from numerous people. Through it all, keep this in mind: This is your day and you should celebrate it your way.

As you sit down with different caterers in Atlanta, try to find someone who truly understands this. Here at A Legendary Event, we don’t just make your dream wedding come true — we make it better than you could have ever imagined!

Below are a few ideas to get you started as you figure out the right decor for you special day.

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Outdoor Wedding Trends for Summer

The onset of longer days and the beginning of beach weather heralds the start of another popular summer occurrence – weddings. Traditionally, almost one third of American nuptials take place during the summer months of June, July and August, with June alone accounting for almost 11 percent.

There are so many possibilities when you decide to hold an outdoor summer wedding at your estate rental. Take advantage of a glorious summer day or use the night sky to light your way; you can even include traditional summer time treats for your guests in honor of the season. Continue reading

Wedding Color Palette Ideas

As a successful wedding caterer in Atlantawe know that choosing a color scheme for your wedding is not an easy task. While your favorite color (or colors) is a good place to start, there are so many new and exciting color combinations right now that staying with conventional pairings just seems so staid. So let your “something new” be a complete departure from the tried and true. See below for a few bold suggestions.

Vintage Aesthetic

For a classic yet daring look, add a touch of gold to a black and white color scheme. Gold-trimmed wine glasses, black centerpiece vases with all white flowers and wispy gold ribbons glittering in the light — let your imagination take you back to a time when glamor was all the rage. If you’re changing outfits for some part of the evening, glam it up with a white boa, a solid gold gown and mile-high black stiletto shoes.

Serve black and white dessert items with a sprinkling of edible gold dust as a way to bring your evening of vintage glamor to a close. A Legendary Event can create a unique Atlanta catering menu to feature a variety of delicious dishes that reflect this color combination.

Modern and Bold

Pair traditional white with a terrific bold hue such as orange for an impact that will leave your guests stunned with awe. Set a luscious table with opalescent white bowls overflowing with orange fruits (kumquats, clementines, navel oranges) and dotted with showy white flowers like gardenias and orchids.

Or pair white with varying shades of slate for a smoldering, more sophisticated look. White and slate centerpieces (white flowers with slate accessories) will add drama to your table setting and help set the mood for an evening of revelry.

Simple and Elegant

Different shades of yellow and green will imbue your celebration with cheer and good spirits. Choose from contrasting ends of the color palette to lend an ethereal quality to your reception (bright lemon yellow with pale mint for example). Cluster a variety of yellow blooms in jade-green celadon vases and use them as centerpieces for your tables. As experienced Atlanta catererswe can create a variety of green and yellow drinks to serve at your wedding and carry the color theme from cocktail hour to the very end.

No matter what color scheme you choose for your wedding, we can weave it seamlessly into your celebration. A Legendary Event is a leading expert in the Atlanta wedding catering industry. When you let us handle your event, you are choosing an Atlanta catering company with the experience and creativity to come up with a truly unique and unforgettable event for you and your guests.

Southern Cocktails for Summer Weddings

What’s a wedding reception without specialty drinks to get everybody in the right mood to celebrate? While there are certain cocktails that may not lend themselves to prompt service for every guest, there are many that act as delicious compliments to the cocktail hour setting. Additionally, a Southern summer wedding opens itself to a myriad of cocktail choices, some of which are outlined below. Continue reading

5 Stunning Floral Arrangements Featuring Pink Flowers

With a language and singular beauty of their own, flowers have the power to transform any event from simple to simply stunning. There is never a shortage of flowers from which to choose no matter what type of event you are planning. From a low-key but elegant wedding reception to full-blown corporate events, flowers play a significant role not only for the beauty they add to any occasion, but for the emotions they evoke so powerfully in any beholder.

The Symbolism of Pink Flowers
In the flower kingdom, pink speaks of innocence and daintiness; a certain playfulness that is beguiling and never vulgar or cheap. Little wonder then that this popular wedding color is considered by many brides to be one of the most romantic hues and is often incorporated into bouquets and reception flowers alike.

Pink Dahlias
This star-shaped blossom traditionally symbolizes hope for an eternal union between newlyweds. To evoke eternal devotion and dedication, accent a bridal bouquet with an elegant array of double-flowering pink dahlias.

Romance in Pink
Create a cascade of pink and white flowers to imbue an unmistakable air of good old-fashioned romance to your wedding. Combine delicate blooms with hardy perennials to fashion a bouquet that harkens back to a long-ago era when men and women used the language of flowers to speak of love.

Flirty in Pink
Add an element of liveliness and flirtatiousness to the occasion by pairing pink flowers with earthy peach blossoms. At once delicate and playful, this bouquet will keep both guests and groom guessing as to the mood and disposition of the bride throughout the ceremony and beyond.

The Beauty of the Pink Rose
The pink rose symbolizes joy and admiration, emotions that abound in any wedding. Exude a lightness of heart and being with bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets made with pink English roses and hydrangeas, flowers that signify enduring beauty and grace.

Bridesmaids’ Bouquets in Pink
Pink is a color that complements a wide range of other colors. Bridesmaids’ bouquets that come with a predominant array of pink flowers will look good against any bridesmaids’ gown.

Here at A Legendary Event, we take great pride in our use of imaginative and stunning wedding floral arrangements. Our reputation as one of the most sought after wedding caterers in Atlanta is built on our uncompromising commitment to excellence. We guarantee we will wow your guests with our spectacular, one-of-a-kind floral designs as well as our mouth-watering epicurean delights. Your search for a reliable and truly innovative Atlanta catering company is over. Here at A Legendary Event, we make your dream event a beautiful and unforgettable reality.

Summer Wedding Trends for the Modern Southern Bride

Weddings are steeped in tradition. There’s something comforting and reassuring about embarking on the adventure of your life anchored by the strength of familiar and deeply significant family and community customs.

This does not mean, however, that as a modern bride you cannot add contemporary touches to your traditional Southern wedding. Below are a few examples; just channel your inner southern belle and have fun!

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Southern Wedding Traditions: Groom’s Cake

Most weddings tend to focus on the bride. Perhaps this is because they are often the ones working with their Atlanta wedding caterers and making the major decisions for the big day. The bride’s seal of approval has to be sought regarding the bridesmaids’ dresses, the wedding flowers, the venue, and of course, the all-important wedding dress. While your fiance may not always be involved in making major decisions, all men are interested in helping to create their own groom’s cake.
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