Southern Cocktails for Summer Weddings

What’s a wedding reception without specialty drinks to get everybody in the right mood to celebrate? While there are certain cocktails that may not lend themselves to prompt service for every guest, there are many that act as delicious compliments to the cocktail hour setting. Additionally, a Southern summer wedding opens itself to a myriad of cocktail choices, some of which are outlined below.

Choose Versatile Cocktails
Sangria is a delicious concoction that is almost unerring in its simplicity – red wine, a dash of sugar, a shot of brandy, lemon and orange slices and club soda. It is also a drink that can accommodate any number of additional ingredients without losing its punch. You can even ask your Atlanta wedding caterers to take it up a notch by adding gin or triple sec, or tailor it more to your taste by adding other fruits like pineapples or strawberries.

Serve a Drink from the Past
For a touch of old-fashioned, southern whimsy, offer guests hand-pressed lemonade and decadent sweet tea. Lay out a variety of ingredients they can add to their drink if they are feeling adventurous. You can choose to serve these drinks as specialty cocktails to begin the reception or offer them as non-alcoholic choices for younger guests.

Themed Cocktails
Brides can also choose to serve a specialty cocktail that accentuates the wedding theme. For instance, you can serve a Pink Lady with grenadine and gin or Mimosas (perfect for a wedding brunch).

Be sure to serve a wedding reception cocktail that suits your taste and style. Choose cocktails that are not only visually appealing but also easily adaptable to suit the preferences of your guests.

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