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Creative Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

Although The Estate is a much sought-after Atlanta wedding venue, we are a popular corporate event venue as well. Our genuine antebellum mansion and well-maintained grounds have been the site of countless celebrations. Host your company Christmas party at The Estate and enjoy an unparalleled level of service and elegance. Here are three different possible themes for your holiday celebration. One of them might just be the perfect theme for your company party this year!JF5_0001 (1)

White Christmas

For a touch of class and singular style, turn your party into a dazzling white winter festival. Use white linens, chairs, and china. Have white snowflakes dangling from the ceiling, and serve cocktails such as White Russians and White Cosmos. Your guests don’t necessarily have to come dressed all in white, but do have your wait staff attired in white for an added hint of elegance.

Christmas Around the World

This joyful occasion is observed in many parts of the world. Have a Christmas party with an international flavor to give your guests a taste of something new. Serve traditional holiday dishes from different countries, such as smoked lamb (Iceland), tamales (Mexico), foie gras (France), turkey (United States and Great Britain), roast ox (Zimbabwe), etc. Dress each table with the holiday decorations of different countries and serve drinks (wine, beer, cocktails) from different countries as well. If you have staff members hailing from foreign lands, incorporate their traditions into your celebration if you can.

Santa’s Workshop

Ask each guest to bring a toy for a child for this charity-inspired party. The toys will be donated to a local toy drive or to a non-profit organization. Set up a Christmas tree decked in homemade decorations where your staff can place their presents. Or, you can have a giant sleigh for the gifts and at the end of the evening, have “Santa” come in and take the gifts away to be given to good children everywhere.

The Estate is a private event space in Atlanta that is suitable for any type of gathering you have in mind for this festive season. It is an excellent corporate party venue for a staff of two dozen or a hundred or more. Choose an elegant Atlanta event space that lets your staff know how much you appreciate the hard work they put in throughout the year. Having your corporate holiday party at a luxury estate rental such as The Estate will give your staff a holiday celebration they will truly enjoy and long remember.