Planning a Summer Event for Your Business

Summer corporate events can be fun and casual, like a day at the beach building elaborate sandcastles in teams, golf outing, baseball game or trip to the zoo. They can also be formal and elegant, with a rooftop reception, dining by candlelight under the stars or an elegant party at a nearby garden location. While summertime events have a wide range of activity options, they also pose some challenges. Let’s take a look at things to consider when planning a summer event for your company:

Keys to a Successful Summer Event

Select the venue as far in advance as possible. Since summer can be a busy time, particularly for locations that are popular wedding venues and sites for pre-wedding festivities, it is essential to book your site early. The same is true for any entertainment or speakers you hire for the event.

Consider vacation schedules. Summer is the most popular time for vacations and weekend getaways, so it is best to invite guests at least several months in advance to maximize attendance. If there are people, such as those in executive management, who need to be there, be sure that the event does not conflict with their vacation. Make sure that the event manager you are dealing with will be on-site during the event. If he or she will be on vacation, find out who will be overseeing things and get that person involved in the planning process as early as possible. The same is true if you hire an outside event planner.

Plan for Interference from the Weather

Have an indoor contingency plan for an outdoor event. If you plan an outdoor event, it is probably best to schedule it in the evening when the temperatures are not so high, and to try to avoid the hottest months of the year for your area. Make sure that the guests can be moved indoors in case of rain or unbearable heat. Many event spaces have adjoining indoor/outdoor event spaces, such as ballrooms with attached outdoor terraces.

Go Seasonal

Take advantage of seasonal fruits, vegetables and flowers. Be sure to take advantage of the good selection of fruits and vegetables available at low prices during the summer months. Lighter, healthier hors d’oeuvres and meals, with lots of fresh produce, are more welcome this time of year. Summer also provides the best selection of flowers to decorate your tables and the entire venue.

Unique Venues

Many types of local facilities have spaces available for corporate events, and some even have an event planning staff on-site. Art galleries, museums, botanical gardens, local estates, farms, studios and local landmarks can all provide fun and interesting backdrops for your event. You can arrange for your group to take a private tour as well.

If you hire an event planning company, they will likely have locations they use regularly. Some even have venues that are exclusively for their clients. The more familiar the event planner is with the location and staff, the more smoothly everything will likely go.

Of course, the tried-and-true event venues, such as restaurants and large ballrooms at local facilities, are good any time of year. Even if the majority of your event is being held indoors, try to choose a location that has outdoor spaces where guests can enjoy the summer weather, flowers and foliage.