Sophisticated Cuisine for a Vegan Audience

Vegetarian cuisine has come a long way from tofu steak, and an increasingly number of people are making the switch from eating animal-based protein to a plant-based diet. Because of this shift, chefs, recipe developers and nutritionists all over the world are creating visually enticing, nutritious, mouth-watering vegan dishes.

Restaurants Join the Vegan Bandwagon

It is now increasingly difficult to find a world-class restaurant that does not offer at least one vegetarian dish on its menus. You can now enjoy vegetable paella or Moroccan tagine made from chickpeas, sweet potatoes and apricots. Savor a hearty Japanese dumpling stew with soba and wakame (brown seaweed) or treat yourself to a pre-dinner snack of lentil tapenade on lightly toasted French bread. Vegetarian dishes are now enjoyed and savored in homes and restaurants all over the world.

As a leading Atlanta caterer, we applaud this development and support it wholeheartedly. Research has shown that eating more fruits and vegetables is beneficial to our health. Here at A Legendary Event, we offer an Atlanta catering menu that reflects not only the creativity and talents of our chefs, but also our commitment to the health and well-being of our clients.

The Benefits of a Plant-based Diet

Findings from several studies conducted over the last two decades have shown that vegetarians typically have a lower body weight and better cholesterol levels than those who consume animal-based proteins. This means they are less likely to become obese and develop cardiovascular problems. They also have a much lower risk of developing devastating and deadly diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

With tasty vegetarian dishes popping up in restaurants all over the world and the proven benefits of a plant-based diet, vegetarianism is no longer just an emerging trend in the culinary world. It is a culinary philosophy reflecting a healthy lifestyle that has truly come of age.

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