The Upscale Rustic Wedding Trend

This past year, upscale rustic weddings have become a popular trend in the wedding industry. People are not only hiring Atlanta caterers who use local, seasonal and organic fruits and vegetables, but centering wedding themes around deep, romantic hues of brown, green and clean, crisp whites.

The ethereal effect of golden wheat garlands and layered strands of vines in rustic settings has such a romantic aesthetic that many brides continue to find elegant ways to capture a classy, rural effect.

Rural Chic

While rustic wedding themes have been popular for some time now, upscale rural chic is an emerging trend, which first gained popularity after Prince William and Kate Middleton transformed Westminster Abbey into a scene from the English countryside, using flawless, garden-themed decorations.

Rural chic is a classic and versatile trend that allows brides to incorporate elements of the countryside in a way that is both legendary and breathtaking.

For instance, if you are planning an indoor ceremony, but you also want a tree-lined aisle to walk down, you can have both. If you work with an experienced design team, they can re-create anything from magnificent magnolia trees to glitzy, frosted tree limbs.

With the assistance of a themed, seasonal menu and a simple, or dramatic, rustic backdrop filled with a sea of well-placed, eye-catching decorations, your wedding will be remembered for many years to come. It takes a uniquely creative mind to imagine and execute a truly one-of-a-kind, simple, yet elegant, rustic wedding so finding an awe-inspiring wedding venue in Atlanta is the first step.

There is something profoundly beautiful and liberating in discovering the secret of modern simplicity. When you choose The Estate, no matter what kind of rustic wedding design you have in mind, the event planning team at The Estate will do everything in their power to make it legendary.

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