What Table Shape is Best for Your Wedding?

There are many elements of design that need to be well coordinated in order to create an eye-catching and uniquely imaginative event environment, including ceiling and wall decorations, lighting, table ornaments and seating arrangements. The shape of the table you use for your wedding reception is a crucial factor in terms of determining the comfort and enjoyment of your guests.

Assuming that the space you have can easily accommodate both rectangular and round tables, deciding between these two popular table shapes can be confusing. Read on to find out the distinct advantages of each table shape.

The Rectangular Table
One of the major advantages of the rectangular-shaped table is that it encourages active conversation among those who are seated around it. Your guests can easily talk to the people on either side of them as well as the three people in front of them without raising their voices. This allows for more meaningful conversations, which may greatly enhance your guests’ enjoyment.

If you have a lot of guests who have not seen each other for some time, your wedding reception is the perfect opportunity for them to catch up on the latest goings-on in their lives. In this case, a rectangular table will probably work best for your wedding reception.

The Round Table
Event designers know that the right table decor can significantly add to the wow factor in a room. If you use round tables for your reception, you will typically need only one centerpiece for each table. Rectangular tables, on the other hand, need at least two or three pieces to fill up the space adequately. This means you can decorate a round table more lavishly since you need only one centerpiece per table.

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