7 Ideas for Your End-of-Summer Gathering

Say goodbye to summer in style at a luxurious private event space in Atlanta. The Estate is a premium corporate event venue managed by a team that specializes in giving each celebration the perfect setting it deserves. It is a much sought-after event space in Atlanta and the ideal place to spend the last days of a long, hot season. Below are seven end-of-summer party ideas to help you make the transition from flip-flops to winter boots in no time.

Imaginative Place Cards

Put some sand in a small bottle with a cork and slip a guest’s name inside. It’s a unique way to mark their place at the table and fits perfectly with a beachy theme.

Paper Lantern Decorations

Light and feathery, these decorative paper lanterns have summer written all over them. Cover a round paper lantern with pre-cut tissue-paper disks in a variety of shades for pops of bright summer color all over your event.

Keep Summer Insects at Bay

Clean out a small flower pot, paint it to make it a bit more festive and turn it upside down to cover your summer dips or small bowls of fruits or nuts. This will keep insects from buzzing around your food and your guests. The good news is you won’t be needing them for much longer because the end of summer also means no more pesky insects!

Spoons with a Message

Serving ice cream or sorbet at your last party for the summer? Set out wooden spoons with bitter-sweet summer messages written in popular texting language like a heart and a sun next to each other to say “I love summer.” Be creative! Remember to use food-safe markers.

Keep the Punch in the Bowl

Don’t put ice cubes in your punch bowl where they will only water down your punch as they melt. Instead, slip a smaller glass container inside a bigger one and fill the gap between them with ice. Keep the punch in the inner container. The ice will keep it cold without watering it down.

Bring the Stars a Little Closer

Hang votive lights in small glass containers around your party area. Let them mesmerize you as the last of the balmy summer breezes gently blows them to and fro.

Serve Lemonade

Of course you can drink lemonade any time of the year, but in many ways, this is the quintessential summer drink. Serve it sweet with sugar or on the bitter side with a dash of vodka – it’s up to you to say good-bye to summer your way.

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