Impactful Exhibitions to Incorporate at Your Next Event

Joining a trade fair is an effective and efficient way to reach your target market. The people who attend these events are already interested in and actively seeking the products and services you have to offer. But in a sea of other vendors and merchants offering similar products and services, how do you stand out?

As a successful Atlanta catering and event design company, we know how to mount eye-catching presentations that embody your brand and set it apart from the competition. Below are some pointers to keep in mind to help you conceptualize and mount an informative and memorable exhibit.

Own Your Space

Whether you’re in the general exhibit area or in a private function room, make sure you make full and creative use of every square inch of your allotted space. Give visitors ample room to move about your mounted exhibits without bumping into one another. Pamphlets, brochures and other exhibit paraphernalia should be easily accessible. Hire a watchful, alert staff to assist visitors with requests and answer any questions they may have.

Make a Strong Visual Statement

People are naturally drawn to vibrant and rich colors. However, sharply contrasting shades can be jarring and unsettling to the eye. A profusion of colors without coherence or purpose can confuse visitors. Use colors and hues that complement one another to add depth and interest to your exhibit. If you want to use wildly contrasting colors, unify them under a clear theme. For example, display pictures of the same item (like a dress or a sofa) in different colors to attract visitors. This shows them not only what you can deliver but, more importantly, what is possible with their own imagination.

Send a Powerful Message

Choose your words carefully. Most trade show visitors do not have the time to read lengthy copy on the spot. Keep your message short and attention-grabbing. Entice them to your area with a contest, an intriguing question or an emotionally laden line that tugs at their heartstrings. Take a serious approach, a playful one or appeal to their common sense. No matter what tone your message takes, make sure it makes your visitor want to discover more about you have to offer.

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